Lil Amanda

Last Updated February 14, 2006

Real Name: Lil Amanda Trudeau
Nicknames: Lil Amanda,Chickadee,Pahiins
From: Wiky..dumb rez.
Occupation: Student @ damn Wiky High
Hobbies: ~Just hangin out with friends...and being with my nieces and nephew!~
Quote: If Vodka Was A River And I Was A Duck, I'd Swim To The Bottom And Never Come Up, But Vodka Isn't A River And Im Not A Duck , So Pass Me The Bottle And Shut The Fuck Up!

Shout Outs To!

Jessica Manitowabi-she da best and my best friend..and she's not much taller dan jess??lol....luv yah!

Erika Corbiere- me, jess and erika been friends for the longest.

Jolene Armstrong- joe your my cuzin..and a damn tall one too!.lol

Gerty Esh.-spark den!

Stacy Manitowabi- you always find out what i do...if u kno what i

Cory Shig- you pick on me too much!

Sherri Pitawanakwat

I will say more L8er...









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